Ditch the High Street and Support Manchester’s Independents this Christmas


Support our city and check out the independents...

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Northern Powerhouse? Yes and No


Is Manchester a Northern Powerhouse?

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The Factory: a NEW £78m Theatre & Arts Venue for Manchester

Granada Studios Manchester Theworkshop

New arts space to be built within former Granada Studios...

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LOOK at these Limited Edition Adidas Trainers Resold for £150K at Oi Polloi Today

Ardwick Adidas Trainers Oi Polloi

More than 150 trainer fans camped outside Oi Polloi in the Northern Quarter...

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160 Fans Camp for TWO Nights Outside Oi Polloi in NQ to Buy Rare Adidas Trainers

Camping Oi Polloi Northern Quarter

Trainer fans have been queuing since 6.30am on FRIDAY...

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Forever Unique Winter Wonderland Collection

Foreverunique Winterwonderland Collection

The party season has officially started...

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Health & Beauty

5 Ways to Keep Calm Amidst Christmas Chaos

Sayno 1

For the sake of our sanity...

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Manchester’s Movers, Shakers and Hipsters Gather at Natura Anti-Ageing Clinic

Naturanq Launch Demo 26 Of 26

Internationally renowned anti-ageing expert...

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The Y Club: More Than Just a Gym for 170 Years

Theyclub Castlefield Manchester 2014 1796

The city centre’s largest and friendliest health club...

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It’s All Geek To Me: Manchester Students Are Geeks

Geek Student

Majority of students in Manchester describe themselves as a geek...

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The Ultimate Freshers' Fair: Manchester Student Takeover

Students Selfridges Exchange Sq Manchester

Tuesday 30th September...

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